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It’s simple… Texas Gun Trust gives you everything you will ever need and we do it all for only $79. You get a comprehensive Texas Gun Trust that is specially designed to allow you, your friends, and your family to own NFA Firearms. When you get your trust from Texas Gun Trust, you get a comprehensive document that is specifically designed to comply with all Federal Firearms Laws.

But that’s not the best part! Not only do you get the best NFA Gun Trust on the market, but you also get everything else you will ever need when it comes to purchasing, manufacturing, & owning NFA Firearms. You also get lifetime support for maintaining your Texas Gun Trust, including:

•  Adding Co-Trustees
•  Removing Co-Trustees
•  Filling out ATF Applications
•  Adding Firearms
•  Removing Firearms
•  Documenting Purchases
•  Adding Beneficiaries
•  Removing Beneficiaries
•  Unlimited Support

Keep reading for more information on each of the specific benefits that come with your Texas Gun Trust.

ATF Form Application System

ShooterHave you ever read the Directions on the ATF Form 1 or 4? They make absolutely no sense at all. The terms on the Forms are intentionally confusing and the directions are so poorly written that most people feel more overwhelmed after reading the directions than they did before they started. In fact, the ATF Form 1 & Form 4 directions are so bad that we used to spend more time helping people fill out their Applications than we spent on anything else.

Here is an example from the directions of the ATF Form 1:

Make. The term “make”, and the various derivatives of such word, shall include manufacturing (other than by one qualified to engage in such business under the NFA), putting together, altering, any combination of these, or otherwise producing a firearm.

Who would have ever imagined that the meaning of the word “Make” could be so confusing? It is simply ridiculous that the ATF makes owning Title II Firearms so difficult. And God forbid you start searching for answers on Gun Forums like TheFiringLine.com or AR-15.com, because by the time you are done, you will have 15 different explanations from 15 different people that guarantee their answer is right, but none of the 15 answers will be the same.

That’s why we came up with a better way to do things…

The  Texas Gun Trust ATF Form Application System  makes filling out your ATF Forms a breeze. You end up with ATF Forms that are in the exact same format and appearance as they are when the ATF Templates are used. However, the process of filling out the Forms is completely different. Instead of muddling through the nonsencical ATF madness, you follow the Texas Gun Trust directions. Rather than meaningless open-ended questions, you get clear and concise prompts allowing you to enter your information with confidence. What used to be a frustrating and time consuming nightmare, is now a quick and painless process. Best of all, much of your information is automatically entered for you based on answers to previous questions, which reduces the amount of time it takes to complete your Forms. And, it nearly eliminates human error.

Detailed Instructions

Silent Machine GunsYour new Texas Gun Trust comes with a comprehensive packet of directions that provides detailed instructions about what you need to do next and how you need to do it. Additionally, your directions packet includes examples and explanations on purchasing & manufacturing NFA Firearms. The entire NFA Firearm process is explained, all the way from finalizing your Gun Trust to sending in your Form 1 or 4 Application to the ATF. The confusion you experience every time you try to fill out an ATF Application will soon be a thing of the past, as your Texas Gun Trust directions will make the entire NFA Firearm process make sense.

You also get unlimited access to the Texas Gun Trust Blog. Because we specialize in federal firearms law, Texas Gun Trust routinely publishes articles on NFA Firearms and the National Firearms Act. That means you can rest easy, knowing that you are completely up to date on current federal firearms laws and that you’ll have total understanding of how those laws apply to you. And, every time we publish a new Article explaining a specific aspect of NFA Firearm ownership, you’ll be one of the 1st people to receive a copy


Texas Gun Trust has a huge section of  Answers to FAQ’s . NFA Firearm ownership is a very complicated process. In order for your gun trust to be valid you have to do several things in just the right way. Then you have to fill out a Form 1 or 4, which can be extremely confusing, as the ATF’s directions make absolutely no sense. Then, to wrap it all up, you have to submit a bunch of documents in just the right way to just the right places.

So, it stands to reason that we receive a bunch of questions from our customers. And, when we get asked the same question over and over, we sit down and prepare a more detailed and lengthy answer than normal. Then we post it on the FAQ’s page. Whether it’s about adding property, removing Co-Trustees, changing Beneficiaries, or adding personal firearms to your Texas Gun Trust, you will find that our Answers to FAQ’s are a really helpful resource.


Nobody starts off thinking they’ll need to revise their gun trust. But, the simple truth is that Life Happens when we least expect it, and we have to make changes that weren’t originally planned. In fact, it happens a lot more than you would think when it comes to gun trusts, and it usually happens more than once. For instance:

Seal Sniper Bolt Face You might find out that one of your Co-Trustees has become ineligible and you need to remove them from your trust.

Bolt Face You might get Married or Divorced and need to change your back-up Trustee (‘Successor’)

Bolt Face You could have additions to the family, such as kids or grandkids, and need to revise your list of Beneficiaries

Bolt Face When your kids turn 18 you will want to add them as Co-Trustees so they can use your NFA Firearms

Bolt Face You are definitely going to want to add more NFA Firearms to your Texas Gun Trust.

Sadly, most gun trust providers won’t make changes to their gun trust, or they charge a small fortune for even the simplest changes. That means you’re stuck between a rock, a hard place, and an even harder place. When you want to make a change you have to decide between paying through the nose, making the changes yourself, or simply not making any changes at all. But, even then your troubles aren’t over, because it won’t be long before you need to revise your gun trust again.

That’s why Texas Gun Trust gives you everything you could ever need when it comes to making changes. Whether it’s adding or removing Co-Trustees or Beneficiaries, changing the person that takes over if something happens to you (Successor Trustee), adding a back-up Successor Trustee, or adding additional NFA Firearms to your collection, we’ve got you covered!

If you want to read more about revising your Texas Gun Trust, you can visit our page titled  Making Changes to your Texas Gun Trust .

Additional Gun Trust Documents

Creating a Gun Trust is definitely the most important step when you are planning to buy or build Silencers, SBR’s, SBS’s, and Machine Guns. But, it is important to know that you need more than just a Gun Trust. Once your trust is created and you start buying and building NFA Firearms, it is really important that you maintain your Gun Trust by keeping track of Gun Trust activity. Examples of activity you need to keep track of include:


Source of money used to purchase NFA Firearms
Source of money used for materials to build NFA Firearms
Adding Co-Trustees
Removing Co-Trustees
Adding Beneficiaries
Removing Beneficiaries
Adding personal Firearms to your Gun Trust
Adding NFA Firearms to your trust

Special Forces


When you get your trust from Texas Gun Trust, you have access to every document you will ever need, instructions about when you need to use them, and help when it is time to create them.

Support from Start to Finish

Texas Gun Trust is here to help. We know the National Firearms Act inside out and we are here to answer all of your questions.

Your Texas Gun Trust gives you total access to our years of experience in dealing with NFA Firearms and the ATF. That means all of your questions get answered… And, they get answered correctly. It also means that your ATF Applications get approved, your property is safe, and your family is protected.

The Best Texas NFA Gun Trust Available!

Get Your $79 Texas Gun Trust Now

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