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Texas Gun Trust Assignment Form

The Assignment Form is how you give property your Texas Gun Trust. There are 3 main reasons to give property to your trust.

1. To Fund your Texas Gun Trust. Your trust isn’t considered valid until it owns some kind of property. You can Fund your trust with any kind of property, including a firearm or a $1 Dollar bill.
2. You can use an Assignment Form to transfer your personal (Title I) firearms to your Texas Gun Trust. By adding your personal firearms collection to your Gun Trust you can make sure your beneficiaries receive your firearms without going through the probate process.
3. Every time you send a Form 4 Application to the ATF, you need to prove your Texas Gun Trust owns the NFA Firearm listed on the Application. The way you show proof is by filing out the Assignment Form.

Create an Assignment Form

Revise Your Texas Gun Trust

The Gun Trust Amendment System allows you to easily make changes to your Gun Trust. You can use this form to add & remove Co-Trustees, add & remove Beneficiaries, and change your Successor Trustee. Click on the button below to create an Amendment to your Texas Gun Trust.

Create an Amendment

ATF Form 20

Traveling with Destructive devices, machine guns, short-barreled rifles, & short-barreled shotguns:

The ATF requires you to get prior authorization anytime you want to transport a destructive device, machine gun, short-barreled rifle, or short-barreled shotgun across state lines. To get authorization, you must submit the ATF Form 20 at least 30 days prior to the date you plan to travel. The Form 20 is also used to notify the ATF about an address change if you are planning to move, regardless of whether the move is in-state or out of state.

Traveling with Silencers:

You don’t need to fill out a Form 20 to transport Silencers across state lines. But, you do need to fill out the Form 20 if you are moving to another state, to give the ATF your new address.

Click the button below for the ATF Form 20 Application System

Create an ATF Form 20

Memorandum of Contribution

Did you know that spending your own money on things for your Texas Gun Trust can invalidate your trust? It’s called Commingling Funds and it is the leading cause of trusts being broken. Remember, you need to have very accurate records proving that you are keeping your personal property and your Texas Gun Trust completely separate. That’s why every time you spend your personal money on things for your Texas Gun Trust you need to create a Memorandum of Contribution that proves the personal money you spent on your trust is a gift to the trust, rather than an improper commingling (mixing) with the trust.

Create a Memorandum of Contribution

ATF Form 1 Application System

Filling out a Form 1 can be really frustrating, even for people that have previously submitted Tax Stamp Applications. That’s why we created the Automated Form 1 Application System. Texas Gun Trust makes the process of building your SBR, SBS, Silencer, or Machine Gun easy.

Create an ATF Form 1

ATF Form 4 Application System

Every time you purchase an SBR, SBS, Silencer, or Machine Gun, you are required to submit a Form 4 Application to the ATF. Unfortunately, the ATF Form 4 is a really confusing application. But, we created the Automated Form 4 Application System to make the application process easy.

Create an ATF Form 4

ATF Form 23 Application System

On July 13, 2016, ATF Final Rule 41F went into effect. The Rule states that every time a Gun Trust submits a Form 1 or Form 4 Application to the ATF, all responsible persons are required to submit the Responsible Person Questionnaire (aka Form 23) the ATF. In your Texas Gun Trust, you and all of your Co-Trustees are considered Responsible Persons. That means all of you need to fill out the ATF Form 23.

When you use the Texas Gun Trust Form 1 or 4 Application System, it includes the Form 23 for you. However, your Co-Trustees will need to use the Form 23 Application System to complete their Responsible Person paperwork.

Create an ATF Form 23

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